Film Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Be sure to fill out a submission form and include it with your entry.
Download Submission Form


File should be a QuickTime or AVI file.


Here are some suggested codecs, in order of preference:


The resolution should match the source. For example, if you shot 1920x1080 then please deliver 1920x1080.


You may upload your file to a file sharing site (i.e. DropBox) and send us a link so we can download it. You may also copy the file to a USB thumb drive, a USB hard drive or DATA DVD (not a playable video DVD!) and leave it at the front office at Franklin Magnet School. Be sure to put it in an envelope with a copy of your submission form. We will return your drive to the front office and email you to let you know when to pick it up.

What we can not accept:
We can not accept anything on videotape (ask your parents what that is). Also, do not burn a video DVD or Blu-Ray disk.

If this is all mumbo-jumbo to you, please contact us at